About Huangmei Opera

Brief Introduction of Zai Fen Huangmei Art Theatre

Zai Fen Huangmei Art Theatre, with the distinguished performing artist Ms. Han Zaifen being the director, is a famous Chinese institute of play production and performance as well as the first theatre named after an artist since reform and opening-up.

The predecessor of Zai Fen Huangmei Art Theatre is Anqing Huangmeixi Troupe NO.2 which can be dated back to 1950s. At that time, it was called Huangmeixi Troupe of Anqing District. After reform and opening-up and adjustment of administrative division, Huangmeixi Troupe of Anqing District and the Youth Team of Anqing Huangmeixi Troupe merged into Anqing Huangmeixi Troupe NO.2. By the end of 2005, with the deepening reform of cultural system of Anqing City, Huangmeixi resources of high quality were integrated, and Han Zaifen’s brand effect was given a full play. Zai Fen Huangmei Art Theatre was established, Ms. Han Zaifen being the director.

At present, the brand “Zaifen Huangmei·Branded Plays” from Zai Fen Huangmei Art Theatre has enjoyed great fame at home and abroad. After establishment, the theatre has kept performing nationwide as well as in the United States of America, Russia, Canada and Hong Kong and Taiwan district. All performances are well-received by audience. The art history and huangmeixi artistic form represented by Ms. Han Zaifen were recorded, collected and permanently reserved by the U.S. Library of Congress as classics from the world. She became the second artist been recorded after Mr. Mei Lanfang.

Han Zaifen has held fast to huangmeixi stage for more than 40 years. She keeps performing during leisure time and is very popular among the audience. She was elected the most popular artist in Chinese playdom (according to the official website of Huading Award). Ms. Han Zaifen keeps fighting at the frontier of huangmeixi, and has made remarkable contributions to the inheritance and innovation of Chinese huangmeixi. Her works have conformed vivid brand characteristics of “Zaifen Huangmei”—a combination of tradition appeal and modern aesthetics, which has deeply impressed the audience.

Ms. Han Zaifen is the only second-time award winner in Anhui province and huangmeixi circle. Her performing life has embraced almost every award an artist possibly can ever get. She got the title “artist with professional excellence and moral integrity” awarded by the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, Ministry of Culture and China Federation of Literary and Art Circles for successive two times. She also was elected the deputy to the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th National People’s Congress and vice president of the 6th, 7th and 8th China Theatre Association.

Zai Fen Huangmei Art Theatre is based on the philosophy of “honesty and diligence at work, devotion to profession, gentleness and kindness to audience”. Besides the classical play Female Consort Prince, the theatre also revitalized and transformed more than ten plays including Goddess Marriage, Meng Lijun, Five Daughters Offering Felicitation, Chunjiang Yue, Luopa Ji, etc and more than 60 playlets and pieces of highlights from operas. Zai Fen Huangmei Art Theatre has held the art concept of “one character for one play, one pattern for one play” and successfully created new plays including Huizhou Women, Corporations, Huizhou History, Lonely Hanqing, Advancement via Kindness, Deng Jiaxian, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, etc. In order to keep up with modern aesthetics and rhythm, the theatre carried out the first original middle-sized huangmeixi: On the Way.

Zai Fen Huangmei Art Theatre has been focusing on the inheritance and development of huangmeixi. After years’ of cultivation, the theatre now possesses “three echelons” of actor resources. Actor Ma Zijun and Li Ping both have exquisite performances and distinguished styles. Group led by Liu Guoping, Wu Meilian, Yu Shuhua, Ding Fei and Jiang Xia owns solid essentials of basic training which makes them very popular among the audience. “Zaifen Youth Team” which includes Wang Zexi, Yu Ping, Zhang Heng, Pan Ningjing and Jiang Lihui are getting more mature and better performance. Moreover, the theatre has transformed into an energetic and independent team with qualified successors from all respects including editing, directing, performing, costume, make-up, choreography, and lighting, etc.

On August 5th 2015, Zai Fen Huangmei Art Theatre carried out a ten-day-long performance named “Zaifen Huangmei·Inheritance and Development– Zai Fen Huangmei Youth Team 5th Anniversary Assessment” which was the first practice echoing a series of policies towards assisting play inheritance launched by the State Council. Through the selection, young actors and actresses Wang Zexi, Yu Ping and Zhang Heng showed good performances and got a chance to hold “Today’s starring” solo show in 2016 and 2017 as a result of which both the theatre and all people caring about the inheritance and development of huangmeixi have gained good results.

What’s more, Zai Fen Huangmei Art Theatre manages to keep up with modern trend and popularize and spread huangmeixi through the internet, films, television, varieties, and mobile phones. In December 2015, an Internet play named “Backstage is popular” acted by Zaifen Huangmei Youth Team soon got popular on the Internet. After appearing 15 days, the click rate on Ai Qiyi.COM only was more than 80 million times. This was also an active response to the policy of striving to develop art on the Internet launched by the political bureau of the central committee of the CPC on Sep. 11th .2015. In the evening of Feb.2nd, 2016, “Zaifen Huangmei 2016 New Year Opera Gala” was broadcast live via Internet for the first time which contributed to promote local culture and huangmeixi of Anqing. Zai Fen Huangmei Art Theatre also has received invitation of a lot of influential variety shows including Idols are Coming, Tian Tian Xiang Shang, Ding Ge Long Dong Qiang, and CCTV Spring Festival Gala, CCTV Spring Festival Opera Gala, and Bai Hua Ying Chun—China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Gala. Meanwhile, through cooperating with Iflytek Co. Ltd, the theatre launched huangmeixi ringback music. Together with Times New Media Publishing Co. Ltd, the theatre introduced Traditional Opera into Campus·Digital Version of Huangmeixi which reshaped the current condition of huangmeixi inheritance.

We are facing a perfect time where opportunities of time, advantages of situation and accord of men are all combined. Zai Fen Huangmei Art Theatre will take the advantage of the country’s driving force for traditional Chinese art, utilize “Zaifen Huangmei·Branded Plays” brand and endeavor to create more good scripts, cultivate more good actors. The theatre will also keep up with modern trend, and make steady progress in opening up wider space for huangmeixi and traditional Chinese opera.